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Brian Wilson

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"Brian Douglas Wilson" (born June 20, 1942, in Hawthorne, California) is an American pop musician, best known as a founding member of and the main producer, composer, and arranger for The Beach Boys. Although changing trends in music sometimes rendered Wilson's earlier work unfashionable, he is now acknowledged as one of the most significant and innovative musicians and composers of 20th century popular music.

Wilson showed an early talent for music and quickly developed into a skilled singer, songwriter, arranger, and musician despite almost total deafness in his right ear.

Early influences included The Four Freshmen and Chuck Berry, among others. Wilson admired Phil Spector, considering Spector both a mentor and rival. (The two collaborated on one song, which was never completed; the backing track was later used for a public service announcement, featuring The Blossoms. Brian released it in 1964 as "Don't Hurt My Little Sister.")

Wilson was a perfectionist in the studio, and often upset the other members of the Beach Boys with this incess...

years active 1961 in music
origin Hawthorne, California
country United States
music genre Surf Rock
Rock music
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