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Briggs, as a surname, could refer to:

  • Anne Briggs, English folk singer
  • Ansel Briggs, American politician
  • Arthur E. Briggs, California politician
  • Asa Briggs, British historian
  • Barbara Briggs, American dramatist
  • Barbara G. Briggs, Australian botanist
  • Barry Bruce-Briggs, public policy writer
  • Benjamin Briggs, captain of the Mary Celeste
  • Bill Briggs, American skier
  • Billy Briggs, American musician
  • Bobby Briggs, fictional character from Twin Peaks
  • Charles Augustus Briggs, American theologian
  • Charles Frederick Briggs, American journalist
  • Clare Briggs, American comics artist
  • David Briggs:

David Briggs (producer) (1944-1995), American record producer David Briggs (composer) English organist and composer **David Briggs (Australian musician) (born 1951), guitarist with Little River Band and Australian record producer

  • Derek Briggs, Irish paleontologist
  • Frank A. Briggs, American politician
  • Frank O. Br...
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    source: Wikipedia

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