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Broder Daniel

"Broder Daniel", BD - translating to Brother Daniel - is an indie pop band from Gothenburg, Sweden. They formed during the late eighties by classmates Henrik Berggren and Daniel Gilbert "''to gain social respect''" according to the members. It was decided early on that expression of feelings were more important than musical correctness, an idea no listener could fail to notice.

The first six years consisted of a number of name changes until the band finally settled on calling themselves "Broder Daniel". A couple of new members joined and they slowly started to find their sound. Swedish music press soon caught on to the hype of the now notorious band featuring the charismatic singer and songwriter Henrik who, with his singing out of tune and excessive use of make-up, had in a short time gained a following of maladjusted youth, looking for a leader.

Music label Jimmy Fun Music, owned by Roxette front figure Per Gessle, picked the band up and promoted them until they signed to EMI Music Sweden. In 1995 the band released their debut album Saturday Night Engine which contained a sloppy - yet fine tuned - mixture of distorted guitars and anxiety-filled cries for h

country Sweden
years active 1989–present
current members Henrik Berggren (Vocals)
Lars Malmros (Drums)
Anders Göthberg (Guitar)
Theodor Jensen (Bass)
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source: Wikipedia