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Bromheads Jacket

"Bromheads Jacket" are a three-piece indie band from Sheffield, England. They have a similar style musically and lyrically to local contempories such as Arctic Monkeys and Milburn although they credit there style of music to be influenced by Jon Mclure a.k.a Reverend and The Makers, but are distinctive in being incomers to the city and bringing a more southern voice to the so-called New Yorkshire scene.

The band have released two singles, 'Woolley Bridge' and 'What Ifs + Maybes', on the Marquis Cha Cha record label. They have undertaken several tours of the UK, played across Europe in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. They were chosen as support for The Strokes in Nottingham. In 2005 they undertook a nationwide tour with Club NME, and played South By Southwest in Texas.

In 2006 the band recorded a cover of The Streets' single 'When You Wasn't Famous', which was released on the b-side of the song's 7". The single reached number 8 in the UK charts.

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Bromheads Jacket

Bromheads Ja

country Sheffield, England
music genre Indie rock
current members Tim Hampton - vocals, guitar
Jono West - bass guitar
Dan Potter - drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia