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Brutal Truth

Brutal Truth

"Brutal Truth" were a New York City based deathgrind band that formed in 1990 and disbanded in 1999. They were one of the pioneers of deathgrind who enjoyed world wide success, particularly in Japan and Australia.

Originally signed to Earache Records, on which they released two albums, 1992's ''Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses'', and 1994's ''Need to Control'', as well as an EP entitled ''Perpetual Conversions'', and a 7" single for the song "Godplayer". During this time, music videos were made for the songs "Ill Neglect", "Collatoral Damage", and "Godplayer". Brutal Truth found frustration with Earache Records, as did many 1990s Relapse Records bands, and ended their career with Relapse Records, known for its roster of grindcore acts.

On Relapse they released the mini album ''Kill Trend Suicide'', a full length release entitled ''Sounds of the Animal Kingdom'', and a double CD live album called ''Goodbye Cruel World''. The band has also released many split 7" singles on smaller labels, with most of these being out of print and difficult to find.

In 2001, the Guinness Book of Records awarded Brutal Truth the record for "Shortest Music Video" for their v...

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