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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

"Bryan Adams", OC, OBC (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian singer, guitarist and songwriter.

Some of his best-known albums are ''Reckless'', ''Waking up the Neighbours'' and ''18 'Til I Die''.

Adams was awarded the Order of Canada and the Order of British Columbia for his contribution to popular music and his philanthropic work. He was also inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 1998, and more recently inducted into the Music Hall of Fame at Canada's Juno Awards April 2006.

He has been nominated for three Academy Awards for songwriting.

Adams was born in Kingston, Ontario, and traveled throughout Europe and the Middle East as a child with his diplomat parents, until they settled back in Canada in 1973. Adams started his musical career by dropping out of school at age 15.

At the age of seventeen, Adams sent a few demo recordings to A&M Records and was signed to them by age 18 for one dollar. He has written and released fourteen albums since then.

Some of the first demos written in 1978 have surfaced over the years; most notably is "I'm Ready" (recorded for both the ''Cuts Like a Knife'' LP and later on the ''MTV Unplugged'' album) and "Remember", wh...

origin Kingston, Ontario
years active 1980–present
music genre Rock music
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