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"Buck-O-Nine" is an American ska punk band which was formed in San Diego, California, in 1991.

The band's first release was a twelve song demo tape entitled ''Buck Naked'' and featured a cartoon drawing by then drummer Steve Bauer, depicting a naked deer sheepishly covering its private parts. The demo tape was released on the band's own pseudo record label, Working Class Records. Shortly after, a 7" record known as the ''California 7"'' was released on Silver Girl Records.

In 1994, the band released its first full-length album, ''Songs In The Key of Bree'' on San Diego label Immune Records. One week after the CD was released, the band embarked on its first US tour.

In 1995, Buck-O-Nine released its second full-length album, entitled ''Barfly'' on Taang! Records. The album title was inspired by the movie of the same name, starring Mickey Rourke and Faye Dunaway. The album featured a mixture of originals and cover tunes by bands which had inspired Buck-O-Nine's music since the band's inception. As sales of ''Barfly'' started to increase, the band was slapped with a cease and desist notice. The original cover of the album used ...

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