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"Budapest" is a melancholic post-grunge rock band from Leamington Spa, Oxford, England.

The band was formed in 1999 by ''John Garrison'' (vocals, guitar), ''Adrian Kelley'' (bass), ''Mark Walworth'' (guitar), ''Paul Possart'' (drums) and ''Chris Pemberton'' (piano, keyboards). After recording the material for their first album, ''Too Blind to Hear'', Walworth committed suicide. Although shocked by this event, the remaining members of the band (Walworth being replaced by lead guitar ''Matt Parker'' later on) carried on with the release of the album, in tribute to their deceased partner. It appeared in September 2002 in UK, and was released in America in March 2004.

When performing live, they usually carry a sixth member: a double bass that plays the string arrangements.

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