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"Budgie" is a hard rock and roll band from Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales. Formed in 1968, their original line-up consisted of Burke Shelley (b. John Burke Shelley, 10 April 1950 Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales) on Bass guitar and vocals, Tony Bourge (guitar), and Ray Philips (drums).

The current line up is Simon Lees (guitar), Burke Shelley (bass, vocals), and Steve Williams (drums).

Their self-titled debut album with Black Sabbath producer Roger Bain was released in 1971 followed by ''Squawk'' in 1972. The album that followed, ''Never Turn Your Back On a Friend'' (1973), ensured their place in rock and roll history, spawning the anthem "Breadfan" — later covered by thrash metal merchants Metallica — and the track "Parents". (Metallica also covered a song titled "Crash Course In Brain Surgery" from Budgie's next record, ''In for the Kill'').

By 1975 Bourge and Shelley were joined by drummer Steve Williams for the album ''Bandolier'', before a misguided attempt to 'break the States'. Returning to Britain somewhat humbled, Bourge was replaced by John Thomas and the band successfully rode the 'New Wave of British Heavy Metal' until 1982, even headlining the...

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