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Butch Walker

"Butch Walker" (born "Bradley Glenn Walker III" on November 14, 1969) is a recording artist, songwriter, and record producer.

Walker grew up in Cartersville, Georgia and stood out as a guitarist and performer in several rock bands in the '80s including Bad Boyz and Byte the Bullet. In 1988, he took Byte the Bullet to LA and they were signed to Virgin Records within the year. The band changed names to SouthGang and released two albums, ''Tainted Angel'' in 1991 and ''Group Therapy'' in 1992. SouthGang was one of the first bands to tour China in the early '90s.

Afterwards, Butch took over lead vocals and with ex-SouthGang members Jayce Fincher and Mitch McLee formed several bands in the 90s including Floyds Funk Revival, The Floyds, and the popular pop-rock band Marvelous 3 which had a relatively successful hit with the song "Freak of the Week." After the break-up of the band in early 2000, Butch then began a solo career, releasing the albums ''Left of Self-Centered'' in 2002 and ''Letters'' in 2004, finishing 2005 playing over 200 live shows across both the U.S. and Japan. Butch Walker was recently featured as a headlining artist on the My Space promoted Inaugural...

years active 1985–present
origin Cartersville, Georgia, USA
music genre Rock and roll
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia