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Butterfly Boucher

"Butterfly Boucher" (b. June 2, pronounced 'bow-cher' with a hard "ch" sound, unlike the French pronunciation) is an Australian singer/songwriter.

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Boucher is the middle child of seven daughters. The name "Butterfly" was a suggestion from a friend of the family. Her mother didn't initially like the name but kept seeing butterflies in pictures, on clothing, etc. before the birth. In later years, Butterfly's sister had a band, The Mercy Bell, in which Butterfly played bass guitar. In 2004 and 2005, Boucher toured the U.S., opening for Sarah McLachlan.

Butterfly currently resides in the United States. She released her first track of the album, "I Can't Make Me," in the UK first. It did poorly. However, when she released that track along with "Another White Dash," her U.S. success was assured. While a second album is in the pipeline, there is no official date for its release.

Boucher sang David Bowie's "Changes" with Bowie on the soundtrack for ''Shrek 2''.

Boucher sang "I'm Different" on the "For The Kids Too" CD which was released in 2004 and is currently available on iTunes.

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