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"C21" was a former Danish musical group consisting of three key members- Soren Bregendal (Vocals, Lyricist, Producer. Keyboards), Esben Duus (Vocals, Lyricist, Guitar), and David Pepke (Vocals, Lyricist, Guitar).

They formed in 1998 when famous Danish music producers, Lars Quang heard Soren Bregendal singing in the lockerroom after his son's soccer game. L. Quang invited Soren Brengedal to his studio to test his vocals. Soren brought his fellow school friend, Esben Duus to the studio. At a warm up gig at a birthday party, the two met fellow musician David Pepke and the trio was formed.


Their debut album, "C21", has the distinction of being the most successful Danish "boy band" debut album in Denmark. It also gives them the distinction of being the most successful "boy band" originating from Denmark.

The first single, "''Stuck in My Heart''" released on September 16, 2002 and became the breakthrough single for the group becoming very large in South-East Asia (namely Thailand).

The second single "''You Are The One''" ' released on January 6, 2003.

The third single "''She Cries''" released May 5, 2003.

The fourth single, an...

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