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Cable (UK Band)

Formed in 199? by Matt Baguely (Guitars), Darius Hinks (Guitars), Pete Darrington (Bass) and Richie Mills (Drums). Influenced by The Pixies, Steve Albini. Recorded a session for the BBC John Peel Show 13/05/1997.

During the recording of 'Murder time' the band ran into Oasis at Rockfield recording studios and sparked a fight between the Gallagher brothers when a drunk Darius was asked for his opinion of the new Oasis album. Typically honest he replyed: "sounds like the Beatles...a total fucking rip-off and the worst kind of lowest common denominator trash."

In 1997 single "Freeze the Atlantic" was used in a Sprite advert, and despite this and heavy promotion by Infectious records and critical acclaim from both the indie and metal sectors, as well as near constant touring, the band failed cross over to commercial sucess.

Forced to split in 1999 due to a lawsuit from their former manager Brian Hallin, final album 'Sub-lingual' was in effect, their obitutary.


Cable (American band)

Formed in 1994 in Rockville, CT

Though they have changed their style over the years, Cable was originally part of the first wave of bands pl...

Background group or band
Origin Derby, England
Genre Alternative
Years active early 90's - 1999 in music
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source: Wikipedia