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Rock group "Caifanes" from Mexico are pioneers of the revival of Spanish-language rock (Rock en Español) in Mexico in the mid to late 1980s. Their musical approach clashed with the then dominating ballads and happy pop tunes that filled the radio and TV programs, in offering dark and moody lyrics.

The first Caifanes lineup consisted of Saúl Hernández (vocals & guitar), Salvador "Sabo" Romo (bass guitar), Alfonso André (drums) and Diego Herrera (keyboards and saxophone). Late in 1989, a new member (who had previously played in a band with Hernández and André), Alejandro Marcovich (lead guitar), was recruited.

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Their first album "Matenme Porque Me Muero", better known as "Volumen 1" came out in August 1988; the most important tracks are "Viento", "Matenme porque me muero", "Cuéntame tu vida" and "La Negra Tomasa" which proved to be their crossover hit and gained wider media exposure for the group. All these songs, except for "La Negra Tomasa", also owe a lot to The Cure's music style. "La Negra Tomasa" is ...

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