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"Cancer" is a British death metal band. They released three steady, mid-paced, typical death metal albums. After the ill-received fourth titled ''Black Faith'', the band split up. In 2003 they reunited and released an EP in 2004 followed by a new album titled ''spirit in Flames'' in 2005. In 2006, the band split up again.

* John Walker - vocals/guitars

*Dave Leitch - guitars

*Adam Richardson - bass

*Carl Stokes - drums


*James Murphy - guitars

*Barry Savage - guitars

*Rob Engvikson - guitars

*Ian Buchanan - bass

* ''To the Gory End'' (1991)

* ''Death Shall Rise'' (1993)

* ''The Sins of Mankind'' (1994)

* ''Black Faith'' (1995)

* ''Corporation$'' (2004)

* ''Spirit in Flames'' (2005)

* Metallian Cancer history and discography

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