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Carlene Carter

"Rebecca Carlene Smith" (b. September 26, 1955 and professionally known as "Carlene Carter") is an American country singer and songwriter. She is the daughter of June Carter Cash and her first husband, Carl Smith. Carter was married to British musician Nick Lowe from 1979 to 1990.

Though her recording career had begun in the late 1970s with her eponymous debut album, it was with 1990's ''I Fell in Love'' that Carter's career really took off, with the album and title song topping the US country albums and singles charts, respectively. The album, which featured straight-ahead, retro-sounding country (her prior work had combined country, rock and roll and pop sounds), was among the first successes of the 1990s "neotraditionalist" movement in country. 1993's ''Little Love Letters'' featured the hit "Every Little Thing", which was accompanied by one of the top-rated music videos of the year.

Carter's winning stream ended with 1995's ''Little Acts of Treason'', which, while critically well received, failed to achieve the commercial success of the Carter's two previous releases.

She also found limited amounts of fame with the song "It takes one to know me", which was...

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