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"Cartel" is a five-piece American pop punk band from Atlanta, Georgia that formed in 2004. Although the band has not been together that long, they have already achieved a high status in the music scene. Their most recent album, ''Chroma'', started the success that they have embraced since its release in 2005 on the indie label, The Militia Group. It also put them on Alternative Press's 2005 list of "Bands You Need to Know". In March 2006, they were also named Yahoo! Music's winner in the "Who's Next" competition and a Breaker artist by AOL music. Cartel has not only been heavily influenced by the punk and hardcore communities, but by more mainstream acts like Morrissey and The Smiths, Oasis, and even a slew of pop-punk bands such as Saves The Day.

In March 2006, Cartel signed to Epic Records, moving up from The Militia Group. Both The Militia Group's distributor Sony's RED Distribution and Epic Records are divisions of Sony BMG Music Entertainment.

The band just finished playing the ''Screaming is for Babies'' tour with bands The Starting L...

years active 2004–present
country Atlanta, Georgia (U.S. state)
music genre Rock music
current members Will Pugh
Joseph Pepper
Nic Hudson
Jeff Lett
Kevin Sanders
past members Ryan Roberts
Andy Lee
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia