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The music group "Cascada" (pronounced cas-cah-da) is comprised of singer Natalie Horler and two German DJ/producers Yanou and DJ Manian who produce the instrumental tracks that Natalie later sings on top of. Cascada is recognized around the world as the trio behind the hit single "Everytime We Touch". Natalie (often referred to as "Nat") was born in Bonn, Germany to English parents. Due to the very English lifestyle her family lived, she learned both fluent German and English. When speaking, she has more of an English accent than a traditional German accent that one would expect from a citizen of Bonn.

The project was originally named "Cascade", but was changed to "Cascada" due to legal conflicts. The name "Cascade" can be found on the first edition CDs and records of "Miracle" put out by the group by their record label at the time, Andorfine, but this error was soon corrected and the single was re-released under the Cascada name with new cover art. The original versions are now out of stock and production, and may very well be considered a piece of history in the long run. Cascada means "waterfall" in Spanish.

Cascada has worked on many projects for DJ Manian and Y...

years active 2004–present
status Active
country Bonn, Germany
music genre Trance music
current members Natalie Horler
DJ Manian
website Official site
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia