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"Cast" were a band formed in Liverpool, England in 1993 by John Power, the former bassist of The La's and Peter Wilkinson, the former bassist of Shack.

The band released four albums between 1995 and 2001. Liam Gallagher once described them as one of the few current bands he actually liked and they were one of the few bands to survive the decline of the Britpop movement and produce records after 2000. It has been suggested that the name "Cast" was taken from the final word on The La's eponymous (and only) album. The song "Looking Glass" ends with the repeated line ''"The change is cast"''. John Power has stated when interviewed that this is a coincidence


John Power had previously been the bass player in The La's, however he left after long being frustrated by Lee Mavers overzealous perfectionist approach to the band's recordings. Drug use and Lee Maver's refusal to play any of John Power's songs have also been identified as reasons for his departure. After leaving the band Power stayed in Bruckley House, the same place and time where 3 beat records started up.

John Power decided to stop playing bass and started pl...

years active 1993–2002
origin Liverpool, England
status Disbanded
music genre Britpop
current members John Power
Peter Wilkinson (musician)
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source: Wikipedia