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Casting Crowns

"Casting Crowns" is a Christian band that employs a soft rock music style similar in sound to U2 hits like ''With or Without You'' and ''Where the Streets Have No Name''. The band was created by youth pastor Mark Hall who also serves as a lead vocalist. The band previously served and performed in a youth group in Atlanta.

Discovered by, among others, contemporary Christian music legend Steven Curtis Chapman, Casting Crowns got a recording contract and vaulted to popularity with 2003 songs such as ''If We Are the Body'' and ''Who Am I.'' It is already one of the best selling artists in Christian music.

* Casting Crowns (2003)

* Live from Atlanta (Double-Disc with live CD and live DVD) (2004)

* Lifesong (2005)

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|align="center" valign="top"|2003

|align="center" valign="top"|''Casting Crowns''

|align="center" valign="top"|The Billboard 200

|align="center" valign="top"|#59


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