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Catch 22

Catch 22 is a third-wave ska/punk band from East Brunswick, New Jersey. The band was formed by trumpeter Kevin Gunther, who recruited guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Tomas Kalnoky and drummer Chris Greer while working in a local record store. Bassist Josh Ansley, saxophonist Ryan Eldred, and trombonist Jamie Egan, who also was the group's high school band director, rounded out the original lineup. Catch 22 released a self-produced demo tape, Rules of the Game in 1996. All 2000 copies of the tape quickly sold out. The band mailed several copies to labels they were interested in working with including Gainesville, Florida's Toybox Records (who had previously released a 7" by Less Than Jake). Toybox was owned and operated by Sean Bonner who had recently moved to Chicago, Illinois to work at Victory Records. Sean brought the tape to the Victory office and suggested the band be signed.

The band then signed to Victory and produced their first studio album, 1998's Keasbey Nights. Ansley left and was replaced by Pat Calpin. Kalnoky left the band shortly thereafter, deciding to continue his education rather than tour. Catch 22 continued on with Pat Calp...

years active 1996 - Present
origin New Jersey, United States
music genre punk rock
current members Ryan Eldred
Pat Calpin
Kevin "K.G" Gunther
Pat "Mingus" Kays
Ian McKenzie
Chris Greer
past members Josh Ansley
Tomas Kalnoky
James Egan
Jeff Davidson
Mike Soprano
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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