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Catherine Wheel

"Catherine Wheel" is an alternative rock band from Great Yarmouth, England. They take their moniker from the firework, the Catherine wheel.

Catherine Wheel was formed in 1990, comprising singer/guitarist Rob Dickinson (cousin of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson), guitarist Brian Futter, bassist Dave Hawes and drummer Neil Sims. They were initially included in the 'shoegazing' scene, characterized by songs that made extensive use of guitar feedback and droning washes of noise, delivered by bands who were virtually immobile on stage (ie 'shoegazing').

The band's first album, 1992's ''Ferment'', made an immediate impression on the music press and introduced Catherine Wheel's most recognizable song, "Black Metallic."

''Chrome'' followed in 1993. With this album, the band began to shed their original shoegazing tag whilst still making skillful use of atmospherics. ''Chrome'' is viewed by most fans as the band's best and most solid album. 1995's ''Happy Days'' saw the band in full hard rock mode, which alienated a portion of their fanbase even as it increased their exposure in the United States.

The B-sides and outtakes collection, ''Like Cats and Dogs'', came out the fo...

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