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"Cement" is one of the few bands Chuck Mosely has formed since leaving Faith No More. This band released two albums: ''Cement'' and ''Man with the Action Hair''.

Both albums produced a style that resembled early Faith No More when Chuck Mosely was in the group but with less keyboards. There is a heavy rap influence on the debut album from Cement. Man With the Action Hair was a lot less experimental and was a lot more produced. The albums cover music from blues, rap, pop, alternative metal, and sometimes are sung or spoken by Chuck. The predominant style is hard rock/heavy metal.

The line-up on both albums were described with humorous descriptions, especially on the second album.

*Chuck Mosely: Lead vocals, acoustic guitar and piano (second album)

*Senon Williams: Bass and vocals

*Doug Duffy: "Boomchakabooms" (drums) and Back-up vocals

*Sean Maytum: Guitar and Back-up vocals

Chuck does most of the singing on the albums with some songs sung by his bandmates on their debut album. Because of the linear notes and the lack of information on the other band members, it's not certain who is the other singer on their debut album.

Man With the Action Hai...

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