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Charlie Brown Jr.

"Charlie Brown Jr." is a famous Brazilian rock band, from the city of Santos, São Paulo. Their biggest influences are Red Hot Chili Peppers, Suicidal Tendencies and Rage Against the Machine.

*Chorão (Alexandre Magno Abrão) - Vocals

*Marcão (Marco Antônio de Brito Junior) - Guitar (left in 2005)

*Tiago - Guitar (left in 2001, but returned in 2005)

*Champignon (Luis Carlos Leão Duarte Junior) - Bass (left in 2005)

*Pelado (Renato Perez Barrio) - Drums (left in 2005)

Santos is the homeland of every member of the band, except for Chorão, who is from São Paulo.

When Chorão came to Santos at seventeen (after a difficult and somewhat traumatic childhood) he already had a strong interest in skateboarding and rock music. From time to time he would stand in for a singer of a local rock band when the guy had to go to the bathroom during a show. A musician in another saw Chorão performing during these bathroom breaks and invited him to join his band.

When the bassist of that band quit, Chorão found Champignon who was twelve at the time. Later on, Chorão decided to start his own band, and invited Champignon and Pelado (Chorão's friend from a...

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