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"Chicosci" is a 6 piece rock band based in Manila. The band is composed of vocalist Miguel Chavez, bassist Carlos Calderon, drummer Jose Salvador, percussionist Eugene Esquivias and guitarists Sonny Baquisal and Mong Alcaraz. They were first named Chico Science in homage to the Brazilian musician of that name. They later shortened this to Chicosci in order to avoid confusion with the Brazilian artist.

Chicosci's biggest mainstream hit to date is "Paris" from their sophomore effort "Method of Breathing". "Paris" stands as the only song to hold the number one spot on Manila rock station NU 107's Midnight Countdown for a lengthy period of time. "Shallow Graves" from the third release, "Icarus", peaked highest at number 7. Now armed with their latest album, "Chicosci", the band garnered another number one hit with "A Promise".

Chicosci regularly plays the Manila music circuit as well as the relative provincial gigs.

* Paris

* Shallow Graves

* A Promise

* Sink or Swim

* Revenge of the Giant Robot (2000)

* Method of Breathing (2001)

* Icarus (2004)

* Chicosci (2006)

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