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Chris Thomas King

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"Chris Thomas King" (born October 14, 1962 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana) is an American blues musician and actor.

In the 1999 movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?, he played legendary bluesman Tommy Johnson. In the 2004 movie Ray, he played bandleader Lowell Fulson.

He has also appeared in several documentaries about the blues and about music:

*Lightning in a Bottle (2004)

*The Soul of a Man (2003)

*22nd Annual W.C. Handy Blues Awards (2001)

*Down From the Mountain (2000)

*Inside Look: Down from the Mountain (2000)

On the O Brother soundtrack he plays Skip James's "Hard Time Killing Floor Blues".

He is the son of blues musician Tabby Thomas.

Blue Beat (1984)

The Beginning (1986)

Cry of the Prophets (1990)

Help Us, Somebody (Single)

Simple (1993)

21st Century Blues... From Da Hood (1994)

Chris Thomas King (1997)

Red Mud (1998)

Me, My Guitar and The Blues (1999)

The Legend of Tommy Johnson (2000)

It's a Cold Ass World: The Beginning (2001)

Dirty South Hip-Hop Blues (2002)


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