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Circus Lupus

Circus Lupus was a post-hardcore band based in the area of Washington, D.C., U.S.A.. The band originally formed in Madison. The name "Circus Lupus" comes from an SCTV bit about "Circus Lupus, the Circus of Wolves", a mock TV commercial for an entirely wolf-filled travelling circus, with graphics of wolves on trapeze swings and other circus apparati.

The band released two full length albums on Dischord Records. Super Genius (DIS63) was released in 1992 as and Solid Brass (DIS79) was released in 1993. The band has released material on include Cubist Production record label. Members of the band have participated in other projects, including work released on Southern Records in Washington DC. *Chris Thomson: vocals *Arika Casebolt: drums *Chris Hamley: guitar *Seth Lorinczi: bass *Math rock

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Circus Lupus

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