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"Clawfinger" is an industrial rap-metal band from Sweden and was one of the earliest bands to adopt this sound. Clawfinger is known for aggressive but melodic music and tackling political and anti-racist themes in their songs.

The band's origin dates back to the summer of 1989 when Zak Tell and Jocke Skog met while working together at the Rosegrove Hospital somewhere in the vicinity of Stockholm. In 1990 they were joined by Bård Torstensen and Erlend Ottem and soon the four realized their similar interests in music. Two of the guitarists previously played in a local band known as Theo. Their free time was invested in exploring the musical world, composing and writing songs while evolving into a band.

Their original demo comprising of three tracks (''Waste of Time'', ''Nigger'' and ''Profit Preacher'') quickly secured them local radio airplay and consequently brought them to the attention of the MVG label. ''Nigger'' is an elaborate and profound anti-racism statement that caused quite a stir and was a massive success; it was also released as a single. By the beginning of the 1990s, Clawfinger self-released their debut ''Deaf Dumb Blind''. This sold in over 600,000 copi...

years active 1989 – present
origin Stockholm, Stockholm County
country Sweden
status Active
music genre Industrial music
current members Zak Tell
Jocke Skog
Bård Torstensen
André Skaug (live)
Henka Johansson (live)
past members Morten Skaug
Erlend Ottem
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source: Wikipedia