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Clem Snide

"Clem Snide" is an alt-country indie rock band from New York, NY and Nashville, TN consisting of chief songwriter/singer/guitarist Eef Barzelay, bassist/cellist Jason Glasser, and current members including multi-instrumentalist Pete Fitzpatrick, and his cousin Brendan Fitzpatrick.

The band formed in 1991, when Barzelay wanted an outlet for his songwriting, but separated in 1994 after releasing a couple 7" singles. A few years later, Barzelay met back up with Glasser and began writing songs again, performing under the name Fruit Key. After adding a bassist and drummer, they reclaimed the name Clem Snide, recorded songs, continued performing, and, in 1998, issued their first album, ''You Were a Diamond'' (produced by Adam Lasus) on Tractor Beam Records. This album received some short-term major label attention, enough for Clem Snide to release their second album, ''Your Favorite Music'', on Sire Records, before being dropped prior to the album's release.

In 2001, Clem Snide released the album ''The Ghost of Fashion'', which received some extra press due to the song "Moment in the Sun" being featured as the theme song for the second season of the NBC program ''Ed''. ...

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