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Coal Chamber

"Coal Chamber" was a nu metal band from Los Angeles, CA, USA formed in 1994. The band enjoyed some mainstream success in the mid to late 90s during the "nu metal boom" which they, along with bands like KoЯn, helped create.

The band gained a large following early in their career, arguably because they were the first "darker" themed nu metal band, with an image that comparatively had more in common with the Goth subculture than followers of hip hop culture.

Coal Chamber signed to Roadrunner Records and recorded their first album (both in 1996) for their self-titled debut in 1997. The album was released to critical praise, especially for the first single ''Loco'', a track that many fans consider the bands finest work.

Their next album was released in fall of 1999 entitled ''Chamber Music''. This album was considered a step away from the nu metal image they had engendered with their prior release, having instead a more gothic metal inspired feel. In this album also was a cover of a song originally done by Peter Gabriel in 1982 called "Shock The Monkey" with legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne providing vocals in collaboration with the band's lead singer Dez Fafara.

years active 1994 – 2003 status Inactive country California, USA website Official site current members Dez Fafara,
Miguel Rascon

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