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"Cog" is an Australian progressive rock band that formed in 1998. They have a reputation as a strong live act and their debut album was nominated for Triple J's 2005 J Award. Their music draws influences from Tool, Isis, Nina Simone, Bob Marley, Leftfield and Helmet


Flynn Gower and Lucius Borich (the son of renowned Australian blues guitarist Kevin Borich) were friends at their Bondi high school in the 1980s. Borich being a drummer, and Flynn being a guitarist, they would occasionally jam. As their school careers finished, Lucius formed the band Juice while Flynn formed the 5 piece metal band The Hanging Tree, popular in the Sydney live circuit. In 1995, after the release of Juice's debut album, Lucius left the band and joined The Hanging Tree. Shortly after the release of their debut, Lucius left the band and the country, travelling ...

years active 1998 – present
country Sydney, Australia
status Active
music genre Rock Music
current members Flynn Gower
Lucius Borich
Luke Gower
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source: Wikipedia