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Colin Hay

"Colin James Hay" is a Scottish-Australian musician who made his mark in the 1980s as a member of the Australian group Men at Work.

Colin James Hay was born on the 29th of June 1953 in Saltcoats, Scotland. He moved to Australia at the age of 14 with his family. In 1978, Hay met Ron Strykert and the men began playing acoustic music as a duo. Soon after, Hay and Strykert became the band Men At Work after the addition of Jerry Speiser, John Rees, and Greg Ham. The group released their debut album ''Business as Usual'' in 1981. Following the break up of Men at Work in 1985, Hay released several major label solo albums, including ''Looking for Jack'' (Columbia) and ''Wayfaring Sons'' (MCA), to limited commercial success.

*''Looking for Jack'' (1987)

*''Wayfaring Sons'' (1990)

*''Peaks & Valleys'' (1992)

*''Topanga'' (1994)

*''Transcendental Highway'' (1998)

*''Going Somewhere'' (2001)

*''Man at Work'' (2003)

*Hay is the uncle of Zero 7 singer and solo artist Sia.

*Hay's music has appeared in multiple episodes of the NBC sitcom ''Scrubs'', starring Zach Braff. Episode 1-24 featured the song "Beautiful World"; episode 2-01 My Overkill (Scru...

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