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Comeback Kid

"Comeback Kid" (or "CBK" for short) is a hardcore punk band from Winnipeg, Canada. The band was formed in late 2000 by Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert, members of the band Figure Four, as well as their friends Scott Wade and Kyle Profetta, originally as a side project. Their initial popularity was mainly caused by word of mouth within the metalcore/hardcore scene. The band released Turn It Around on Facedown Records in 2003 before moving to Smallman Records in Canada and Victory Records in the rest of the world the following year. Their affiliation with Facedown Records and Figure Four led many to believe that they are a Christian band, but they have gone on record to say that not all of their members are Christian.

The song "Lorelei" was originally suppose to be released under Figure Fours upcoming record "Suffering The Loss", This song became a Comeback Kid song due to the fact that the album wasn't long enough.

* Kyle Profeta - Drums (2000-Present)

* Andrew Neufeld - Vocals, Guitar (Vocalist of Figure Four) (2000-Present)

* Jeremy Hiebert - Guitar (Guitarist of Figure Four) (2000-Present)

* Kevin Call - Bass (2003-Present)

* Scott Wade – Vocals...

years active 2000–present
origin Winnipeg
country Canada
music genre Hardcore punk
current members Kyle Profetta
Andrew Neufeld
Jeremy Hiebert
Kevin Call
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia