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Cooder Graw

"Cooder Graw" is a self-described "loud country" (country music / alternative country) band from Amarillo and Lubbock, Texas. It is also the title of their second album.

The group formed in 1998. It is perhaps most well-known for the song "Llano Estacado" that was featured on a series of Dodge commercials.

Cooder Graw is somewhat of an anomaly in the music industry, in that its members' ages at its inception ranged from late-30s to early-50s. The band's singer, Matt Martindale, was the assistant district attorney of Gray County, Texas prior to devoting his full attention to the band. Guitarist Kelly Turner was the manager of a manufacturing plant in Slaton, Texas.

The band was originally called "Coup de GrĂ¢ce," but another band was already using that name, so the name was changed to a "Texas-version" of the original name. The band's debut album, ''Home at the Golden Light'', consisted of mostly covers and was self-produced by the band (though executive producer credit is given to Matthew McConaughey, a fraternity brother of Matt Martindale). It was released in 1998. The band's first national release, ''Cooder Graw'' was released in late 1999.

Cooder Graw has t...

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