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Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor, born December 8, 1973, is the lead singer of the Nu Metal band Slipknot and vocalist of the Hard Rock band Stone Sour, the latter being formed prior to the commercial success of Slipknot. He also manages the Des Moines-based metal band Facecage.

Before his debut in a music career, Taylor worked in a sex shop called "The Adult Emporium". Having encountered Corey while versing his band Stone Sour in a concert, Slipknot members Mick, Paul and Shawn confronted Corey in the sex shop while he was working and threatened to "kick his ass if he didn't join Slipknot". In Slipknot, he goes by the pseudonym "8", wearing at first a dreadlocked mask and later a new, almost reptilian design, both of which somewhat resemble the mask of Leatherface, the chainsaw wielding maniac of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. He has said that the mask is somewhat painful for him to wear. He lives in Des Moines, Iowa, with his wife Scarlett and three children, 3-year old Griffin (big fan of Johnny Cash), 8-year old Aravis, a standout in her school chorus and 13-year old Angeline, his daughter from a previous relationship who has been learning to play g...

Alias Number 8
Born December 8, 1973
Instrument Singer
Genre Metal
Hard Rock
Alternative Metal
Associated acts Stone Sour
Slipknot (band)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

Corey Taylor

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