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Cowboy Mouth

"Cowboy Mouth" is a rock band based in New Orleans, Louisiana, taking their name from the title of a Sam Shepard play. The nucleus of the band formed in the early 1990s, and they climbed the ladder from an opening act living in a van to a powerhouse live act that has been called "a religious experience" by more than one music journalist. They have received modest radio play yet every year the band plays before more than half a million people at live shows around the nation. Some of their classic songs include "Everybody Loves Jill" (where the audience throws red spoons on stage), "Hurricane Party" (audience tosses Tootsie Rolls), "Easy," "Better," and "Jenny Says," the traditional closing song of every show. They also perform a version of "Born to Run" on the ''Light of Day'' tribute album to Springsteen. Lead singer Fred Leblanc, particularly in opening and closing numbers, exhorts the crowd with encouragements to let go of cares and worries, "I don't care what's buggin' you, I don't care what's bringing you down, the only thing that matters is right here, right now!"


*Fred LeBlanc (drums and vocals)

: Formerly of Baton Rouge based power trio Dash Rip Rock.


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