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Crimson Glory

Crimson Glory

"Crimson Glory" is a Melodic Heavy Metal band from the USA which formed in the mid 80's.

Crimson Glory began life in Sarasota, Florida in 1982 under the moniker 'Beowulf'. They rehearsed diligently, finding and developing their sound for almost four years before recording their self-titled debut album on Par Records in 1986. Tight harmonies and soaring vocals would feature prominently on this release, and the album included the haunting track, “Lost Reflection”.

In an era of sound and look-alike metal bands, Crimson Glory wished to have themselves be immediately identifiable from the rest, so they wore full-face metallic silver masks on-stage (and for all photo shoots and public appearances as well). Quite obviously, the mystically-named vocalist Midnight was the exception to this, as his mask left his mouth uncovered.

Their second release, “Transcendence” was a landmark and it garnered them much-deserved praise and attention, both at home and abroad. They had also discovered how hot the masks would be, so to keep the mystique, they cut them down into a “Phantom of the Opera” style. (After the tour, the masks would be retired.)

After this album’s r...

years active 1982–Present
origin Florida
country United States
music genre Heavy Metal music
current members Ben Jackson (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia