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Crown may be:


  • Crown (headgear), the headgear worn by a monarch, other high dignitaries, divinities etc.

Consort crown Coronation crown Crown of Thorns, in Christianity, the headgear placed on Jesus before his execution Imperial crown State crown Triple Crown, the Papal Tiara

  • The Crown, a term used to separate the government authority and property of the government from the personal influence and private assets held by the current Monarch of a kingdom.


  • Austro-Hungarian krone
  • Crown (British coin)

** Half crown

  • Czech koruna
  • Czechoslovak koruna
  • Danish krone
  • Estonian kroon
  • Faroese króna
  • Hungarian korona
  • Icelandic króna
  • Norwegian krone
  • Slovak koruna
  • Swedish krona


  • Crown (cards), a "fifth" suit in playing cards
  • Crowning, the act of shooting an op...
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