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Culture Shock

Culture Shock

"Culture Shock" are an anarcho-punk / ska punk band formed in Warminster, Wiltshire, UK, in 1986 by Dick Lucas, previously of the Subhumans. Over their three year history the band played hundreds of gigs, including frequent appearances at free festivals, and released three studio albums on the Bluurg label. Dick's lyrics were mostly concerned with social and political issues, from cruelty to animals, Northern Ireland, war, and social alienation, but were far from angry rants, often finding a positive and empowering perspective. Culture Shock split in 1989, as Bill and Nige both had young families to support. Dick went on to form Citizen Fish with Jasper, the bassist for Culture Shock's final album, and two other former members of the Subhumans. Nigel died in 1993.

* Dick Lucas (vocals)

* Nige (guitar, vocals)

* Paul (bass - on ''Go Wild'', and ''Onwards and Upwards'')

* Bill (drums)

* Jasper (bass - on ''All the Time'')


* ''Go Wild'' (Fish 18)

* ''Onwards & Upwards'' (Fish 20)

* ''All The Time!'' (Fish 23)

"Compilations include"

* ''Crisis Point'' EP

* ''Stonehenge'' EP

* ''Open Mind Surgery'' LP

"Cassette only"

* Living History...

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