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"Cursive" is an indie rock band from Omaha, Nebraska, on Saddle Creek records.

The band was formed in 1995 by Tim Kasher, Matt Maginn, and Steve Pedersen of Slowdown Virginia, along with drummer Clint Schnase. Pedersen was later replaced by Ted Stevens, formerly of Lullaby for the Working Class, after a short hiatus. Their album ''Domestica'' gained them much attention from fans and critics alike. Cursive's sound continued to evolve, most dramatically with the addition of Gretta Cohn on cello who performed on the ''Burst and Bloom'' and ''8 Teeth to Eat You'' (split with Eastern Youth) EPs and the full-length LP ''The Ugly Organ''.

Saddle Creek Records released ''The Ugly Organ'' in 2003. The label put out a compilation album of unreleased and old songs by the title of ''The Difference Between Houses and Homes'' on August 9, 2005.

Plans for a new album move forward. The band's label, Saddle Creek has announced that Kasher has temporarily stopped his work on his side project, The Good Life, and began recording a new album along with the rest of the band. The new album, entitled Happy Hollow, will be released August 22, 2006. The album will be preceded by a single...

years active 1995 – Present
status Active
country Nebraska, USA
music genre Indie rock, emo
current members ''Tim Kasher''
Matt Maginn
Ted Stevens
Clint Schnase
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia