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"Cymande" were an eclectic band who released several albums throughout the early seventies. They arrived in London, England from Guyana and Jamaica and developed a subtle, deep funk style heavily influenced by Calypso rhythms, Jazz, African music, and American Soul. Cymande can now be seen as one of the most sophisticated of the heavy funk acts that evolved in the early 1970's. By the mid-seventies the band members were going their separate ways. It wasn't until 20 years later that they reaped any financial rewards, as their music became a popular source for samplers. Cymande's original albums are still widely sought-after by DJ's and funk aficionados. Perhaps the band's best known recording is the soulful dancefloor groove "Bra", later sampled by the American hip-hop group De La Soul.


Ray King - Vocals/Percussion

Steve Scipio - Bass

Derek Gibbs - Soprano/Alto

Pablo Gonsales - Congas

Joey Dee - Vocals/Percussion

Peter Serreo - Tenor

Sam Kelly - Drums

Mike Rose - Alto/Flute/Bongos

Patrick Pattersno - Guitar


1972 - Cymande

1973 - Second Time Around

1973 - Promised Heights


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