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DD Smash

DD Smash were a New Zealand pop/rock band formed by Dave Dobbyn after the breakup of Th'Dudes.

Members included Dave Dobbyn (guitar,vocals, songwriter), Peter Warren (drums), and Lisle Kinney (Bass Guitar), formerly of Hello Sailor.

Originally formed in New Zealand, the band was resident in Australia for much of its existence.

DD Smash, mainly based around Dave Dobbyn as the main songwriter, also helped by being the frontman for the band, produced some of New Zealand's most iconic hits including the show starter "Devil You Know", pub anthem "Be Mine Tonight", and hits such as "Outlook For Thursday" and the more 80's sounding "Magic (What She Do)".

"By late '81, DD Smash signed a recording deal and immediately set about recording their debut album, with Ian Morris in the producer's chair.

DD Smash released their debut album in 1982. Titled 'Cool Bananas' it debuted in the national chart at #1, an historic first. It remained in the chart for 24 weeks and became triple gold. The album's biggest hit was the fantastic 'Devil You Know'. In '82 the 'Top Male Vocalist' award was won by Dobbyn...

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DD Smash

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