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Da Weasel

Da Weasel

"Da Weasel" is a Portuguese hip-hop band from Almada. They are fronted by MCs Pacman and Virgul. Da Weasel is one of the oldest hip-hop projects in Portugal, having started in 1993. They are notorious for being a full session band, instead of relying on a DJ and samples. Their music uses elements from hard rock, pop and ska.

Da Weasel's first release the EP ''More Than 30 Motherfuckers'', featured only six songs, all in English. The group featured Pacman as the MC, Pedro Quaresma, Jay Jay Neige and Guilherme Silva on live instruments, Yen Sung as backup vocalist and Armando Teixeira as DJ and producer. The following year, in 1994, the band rode the wave of the ''Rapública'' compilation, which presented Portuguese hip-hop to the mainstream audience, by releasing their first full album, ''Dou-lhe Com A Alma''. This time, the band wrote all the songs in Portuguese, incorporating influences from Cypress Hill and Public Enemy.

Before production of their third release (''3º Capítulo'') in 1997, Yen Sung left the band to start a career as an acid jazz producer, as well as DJing. She was replaced by Virgul, a rapper/singer which introduced a few ragga and afro elements to the...

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