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"Dagoba" is a French industrial metal band.

In 1998, the arriving of a new rhythmic section bring to the band’s compositions elements more metal (a big drum more present and a guitars’ tuning heavier), which accords to privilege the power from big sounds. So Dagoba records 2 demos ("Time To Go" and "Time To Go…") good-welcomed by press and continues a lot of concerts in the region P.A.C.A., fabricating like this a serious notoriety in the metal underground.

Beginning 2001. Dagoba signs on Enternote label and records his first EP "Release The Fury" with impressive digipak and video ("Rush"). Distributed by Edel/Sony, "Release The Fury" get a welcome more than cheering. The band astonishes by his fury in concert and their neo-military style.

March 2003. The consecration ! Dagoba releases his first self-titled album. It’s amazing ! But, strangely, the band had a little bit be modified since "Release The Fury". After the sorting out of Stephan, the crew continues to play at four and are henceforward distributed by EMI, signed on Enternote. They adopt a new style : more glaucous, more… metal !

The cover and the libretto are very good realized. And when we l...

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