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Daisy Chainsaw

"Daisy Chainsaw" formed in England in 1989 after Katie Jane Garside answered an advertisement placed by guitarist Crispin Gray in the music press. Their live gigs included vines and rag dolls strewn across the stage and Katie Jane thrashing around in soiled gowns drinking pineapple juice from a baby bottle, which was a disturbing yet enchanting look for the quirky starlet. Their music, a bubbly intense britpunk sound, was a big hit amongst the scene. The band was very successful with their LoveSickPleasure EP which included the hit “Love Your Money.” They turned down Top of the Pops and even an offer to be signed to Madonna's Maverick label, later signing to independent One Little Indian. One full album was released, Eleventeen, while Katie Jane was still in the band. She left the band in 1993 and disappeared from the music industry.

After the departure of Garside, Daisy Chainsaw released a second full length album titled For They Know Not What They Do with Belinda Leith on vocals, and one more EP titled You're Gruesome with Crispin replacing Leith before splitting for good.

The new millennium saw Katie Jane Garside and Crispin Gray musically reuniting to form Qu...

years active 1989–1995
music genre Punk rock
status Dissolved
country London, England
current members Katie Jane Garside (original singer)
Crispin Gray (guitarist)
Richard Adams (bassist)
Vince Johnson (drummer)
Belinda Leith (second singer)
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source: Wikipedia