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Their first single was ''Pop Song = Food''. Other albums include ''Geek Lust'', ''Islington Porn Tapes'', ''God Dambuilders Bless America'', ''A Young Person's Guide...'', ''Encendedor'', ''Ruby Red'' and ''Against The Stars''.

While the Dambuilders are generally considered to be an "indie" band, they have received some commercial airplay with their single "Shrine" from 1994's "Encendedor". Although the song has no viable chorus, the Dambuilders manage to create an appealing and memorable single using a distinctly melodic verse and an innovative instrumental section used as an intro, outro, and bridge. In this section, the bass guitar plays a percussive yet melodic riff using two bass strings simultaneously, as opposed to the more conventional method, in which the bass player plays one string at a time. The song tells of a cross-cultural romantic courtship between the singer and a girl who "doesn't speak much english" but is hip to the American music scene. In the song, the singer is willing to conform to traditional religious practices outside his own cultural sphere ("...if I stay with her I'll lose track of all time, so I light a candle to the shrine..."), but see...

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