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Damien Jurado

"Damien Jurado" is a singer/songwriter in the indie-rock tradition of Seattle, Washington. Over the years he has released albums on many labels; today his primary label is Secretly Canadian.

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His music is often regarded as being heavily influenced by folk music. He was once in the hardcore band Coolidge with Seattle's David Bazan, who fronted the band Pedro the Lion and is currently a member of Headphones. He was also an early member of Raft of Dead Monkeys. He teaches kindergarten.

He often makes use of found sound and field recording techniques, and has experimented with different forms of tape recordings. He released a collection of found audio letters, ''Postcards and Audio Letters'', in 2000.


*''Water Ave S'' (Sub Pop - January 1997)

*''Rehearsals for Departure'' (Sub Pop - March 1999)

*''Ghost of David'' (Sub Pop - September 2000)

*''I Break Chairs'' (Sub Pop - February 2002)

*''Where Shall You Take Me?'' (Secretly Canadian - March 2003)

*''This Fabulous Century'' (Burnt Toast - October 2004)

*''On My Way to Absence'' (Secretly Canadian - April 2005)



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