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Damn Yankees

"Damn Yankees" was an American rock supergroup, formed in 1989, consisting of Jack Blades (Night Ranger), Tommy Shaw (Styx), Ted Nugent and drummer Michael Cartellone. Presumably inspired by the musical of the same name, Nugent once also explained that he coined the name because whenever someone asked him how he and Tommy Shaw would sound playing together, he would always reply by saying they would sound like "a bunch of damn Yankees." With Tommy Shaw from Alabama, Jack Blades from California, Mike Cartellone from New York, and Ted Nugent from Michigan, it did seem as if the band represented all four corners of the nation.

Produced by Ted Templeman, the new band's self-titled debut album went double-platinum in 1990. Nugent's well-tooled heavy blues guitar became a cornerstone, but Jack Blades and Tommy Shaw rose to the forefront as a potent vocal duo. However, it must be noted that the album's bass and drum tracks were all but inaudible -- Cartellone especially seems reticent in the mix. Jack Blades' leading single "Coming of Age," hit #64, while Tommy Shaw's smoldering "Come Again" received extensive AOR airplay.

1990's chart-topping rock ballad "High Enough," fea...

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