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Danger Danger

"Danger Danger" is a glam metal / rock band formed in 1987 in Queens, New York. Despite enjoying moderate success in the U.S. with their debut album ''Danger Danger'', the band vanished from the radar due to legal problems and changes in its line-up. However, they have remained solid and are still playing and recording albums.

Danger Danger was formed in 1987 by bassist Bruno Ravel and drummer Steve West. Mike Pont was the lead singer for a while. After adding keyboardist Kasey Smith, they made an attempt to record a demo, but failed. Shortly after, they recruited a drummer called Ted Poley (who was playing in Prophet as singer). They made another attempt at a demo, and this time it landed them a record deal with Epic Records.

In 1989, Tony Ray (from Saraya) joined briefly as guitarist before returning to his previous band. Andy Timmons replaced him, and the band finally released their debut album that year. The album spawned two hits with ''"Naughty Naughty"'' and ''"Bang Bang"'', with the former gaining a spot in MTV's Headbanger's Ball. The band went on tour opening for KISS, Alice Cooper, Extreme and Warrant.

After that, the band went on to record their follow...

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