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Danko Jones

"Danko Jones" is a Canadian rock band.

The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Danko Jones, bassist John Calabrese and drummer Dan Cornelius. To distinguish the band from the singer, Jones (which is not his real name) is also known by the nickname "The Mango Kid".

The band first received attention in Canadian indie rock circles for its 1999 EP ''My Love is Bold'', an unabashedly sex-drenched blend of soul and punk sung with swaggering confidence by Jones, in a suit and on occasion, a fedora. On its more recent albums, the band has evolved in a more heavy metal direction.

The band also has a large following in Europe, especially in Sweden.

The Song ''Baby Hates me'' is used as the theme for WWE Backlash.

*''Danko Jones EP'' (1998)

*''My Love is Bold'' (1999)

*''I'm Alive and On Fire'' (2001)

*''Born a Lion'' (2002)

*''We Sweat Blood'' (2003)

*''Sleep Is the Enemy'' (2006)

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| 2006

| "She's Drugs"

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| ''Sleep Is The Enemy''


| 2006

| "First Date"

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years active 1996–present
music genre Alternative Rock
country Canada
current members Danko Jones - Vocals/Guitar
John Calabrese - Bass
Dan Cornelius - Drums
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia